Additional Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

My house was HOT and so was the air blowing out of my vents, So I called
Amen Air. Your service tech Bill arrived and was very nice to my father Michael.
Bill made him understand what was wrong and never pushed him into buying a
new system. Bill fixed the problem and had my house cooling in no time. After
a few minutes my dad made the choice of replacing the in and out units in the house.
Bill called the office and got a fair price for the new system.
On 7/28/11 your two installers arrived to put in the new system. Anthony & Robert
were the best two men you could have sent to my house. Not only were they
efficient & clean but they made a hot day go by so fast. They made me feel like
I was dealing with friends. Anthony was respectful and so was Robert. Both men
joked with my 82 year old father and myself making what was a very uncomfortable
day with no air fun.
Anthony and Robert are great representatives of your company.  There aren't enough
words for me to explain the satisfaction I have from dealing with Amen Air, Anthony,
Robert and Bill. Thank you - You're the best of the best.
Your Customer Forever:
Dawn M, Holiday, FL


We would like to let you know that all your employees that we dealt with today
far exceeded our expectations, especially Chris. He was very professional,
knowledgeable, patient and hard working.

Thanks to you all! Our friend, Charlie A, is on target when he speaks of your
company. We look forward to doing business with you and will highly
recommend your company.

George & Lauri S.
Hudson, FL


George and Terry,

Just thought you should know what sort of people you have hired. First of all
when we replaced our air conditioner your employees were nice and courteous
and they knew their business, and then cleaned up also.

I just had Peter put in a new thermostat for my blind tenants. This man is a
Godsend for anyone and has the patience of Job. You really did a great thing
for your customers by hiring him.

Good job,
Sammi M.



It was so very thoughtful of you. We want you to know that we appreciate you
and your staff at Amen Air and we will refer everyone we know.

Thank you for your help.

Megan & Mike M.


Late in the day yesterday, we felt uncomfortable and when we checked the thermostat
it registered 82 degrees. I called Amen Air as I have in the past and told them of my
problem. This morning Amen Air was here and worked on my system. They found the
problem, ordered the part, picked it up and I was back in business in the afternoon.

Terry and Bill are simply wonderful at what they do, courteous and they know their jobs.
This is the second air conditioner and air handler that Amen Air has installed. They were
recommended years ago by friends here in Timber Oaks where Amen Air takes care of
many of its residents. 

They are reliable and provide excellent service after the sale.
If you are looking for an Air Conditioning expert, call Amen Air, you’ll be glad you did.

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd E., Port Richey, FL.


Thank you so much to you and your staff for coming into our home and making my daughter's
environment comfortable due to her sensitivity to heat. You and your wife through the years
have been a consistent pleasure. Thank you for referring people to our home that were
compassionate and understanding.

- Cindy & Richelle H.


I was out of town on 4/30/11 when I received an urgent call from my new tenants.
They were moving in and the a/c quit leaving the townhouse at 95 degrees.  I did not
have access to the internet so I called the A/C company I normally use-who offer
Saturday hours-they did not answer or call me back. I had to cut my day short and
rush back to get online to find another company,  I called at least 10 and they either
did not offer Saturday service or would not take my credit card over the phone.
To be honest, Amen Air was a last choice because the number of reports on
Angie's List were few, however, I was desperate. First, they have a wonderful phone
system for weekends- it keeps you on the line until someone answers, very nice,
Then she listened to my plight, and had the owner (technician?) call me back within
15 minutes and he was ready to go over and fix the problem.  He promised to give
us an estimate before doing the work.  He found the problem immediately, fixed it
and took our credit card number over the phone.  Important when you are 1000
miles away. It was such a relief and very reasonable cost.  BTW, they offer 24 hour
service. I will use them again for sure.  What great service!

- Sandra V., Tampa, FL


Our air handler would shut on and off but the condenser would continue running,
the problem was intermittent. Amen came out on 6/3 to diagnose but of course
when they came the air handler was running and the system checked out fine.
They advised if it happened again to leave the air handler alone and to shut down
the condenser and to call them to trouble shoot. We were only charged for the
service call. That evening it happened again and we did as they instructed and
called them first thing in the morning. They were here by noon and were able to
diagnose and repair the problem, we were only charged for parts and labor.
This is the first time I have used Amen for my own home but prior to this I have
used Amen for rental properties I manage and have always been pleased with
their service and professionalism. I will continue to use Amen Air and I will
definitely recommend this company to others.

- Mary Beth B., New Port Richey, FL


While looking for a solid heat and A/C business it was actually the Consumer
Protection Unit in Pasco County that recommended Amen Air. It is not easy to
find reasonable rates and dependable service within the same company. But their
first visit won me over. The Amen crew was timely and knowledgeable and the
prices are very fair. I have since given Amen's name and number out to friends all
of whom have become loyal customers. There should be more businesses like
this in Florida.

- Jackie C., Tampa, FL